Next Time I Fall in Love

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Jeff and Ann had been dating for only a month, but they knew they were in love. Soon they were spending all of their free time together. But things started going wrong. They'd fight, then kiss and make up, only to fight some more. Finally, Ann told Jeff it was over. She didn't love him anymore - besides, she wanted to date another guy. She said she loved me, said Jeff, crushed and bitter. I thought love was supposed to last. How can something so right become so wrong? Jeff and Ann's story is one of many told in 'Next Time I Fall in Love'. In a helpful and readable book for teenagers, Chap Clark gives solid, practical advice on forming and keeping healthy dating relationships. He deals with questions like these: -What is love? -Why would anyone want to date me? -What can hurt a dating relationship? -Sex: How far is too far? -How can I know when it's time to break up? -What can I do to improve my dating relationships? If you're 13 to 25 years old - or if you know anyone that age - and if you're interested in learning more about how to be happy, healthy, and whole in a dating relationship - then this book is for you. - - - - - - - - - - Additional Product Details - Product Type: Quality Paperback Books // Binding: Paperback // Subject: Inspirational > Love & Romance > Christian Living - Family & Relationships > Inspirational // Size: 7.96 x 5.00 // Large Print: N // Contributors: Clark, Chap P., , // EAN: 9781592446841 // ISBN: 1592446841 // Returnable: Y // Media Item: Y // Imprintable: N // Indexable: N // Publication Date: 2004-05-10 // Religious Item: Y


(No reviews yet) Write a Review